Mary Gow

Mary Gow is enthralled with color, line, form and words! Her creations tell stories of emerging, of overcoming challenges and embracing life with vitality and strength.

She's an award-winning artist, who has worked as a freelance photographer for two major educational book publishers. Her creations have appeared in a variety of spaces and places since 1988.

In 2011 she appeared on Painting with Lynn, discussing abstract painting techniques and how she creates cameraless photographic art. 

Gow's work is part of the abstract art tradition which developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when many artists felt literal graphic representation didn't adequately express feelings they were experiencing. Like her predecessors, Gow showcases a reality that is impossible to illustrate in any other way.  -Murray Paskin

Reviewed by the San Francisco Examiner.

Selected works available print on demand.

Mary's currently working on an inspirational book.