Inspirational Art + Projects 


Thank you for finding! If you're looking for healing art for the walls of your home or office check out Mary’s Imagekind print-on-demand on-line gallery. Delivery is within 5-7 business days.

Here’s what some people have to say about Mary Gow’s creations:

“The colors in your abstract work are so vivid and alive–and then the black and white. Just lovely. Haunting. (Even the photographs tend towards the abstract: much tension there between a recognizable “image” and our perception of the “purity” of lines and related spaces. It’s as if an other consciousness were pulling at us as we look at the world.”– Jack Foley, poet/performer/writer and host of KPFA 94.1 FM’s “Cover to Cover”

“THANKS SO MUCH for this gorgeous splash of beauty on my wall! Came home and immediately on entering, it burst into my vision and would not let me go – just as it did at your showing. And now I get to drink it in umpteen times a day.”-Lisa Dollar, founder of the Lysistrada Project

“Beautiful! I’ve enjoyed looking at all your wonderful work! Thank you.”– Vicki Smith

“How can one resist such transcendent beauty?”-Blesilda Carmona

“Your work is beautiful!”– Terry Katz, Arts Editor, San Francisco Examiner

“Stunning work in every medium!”– Jake Berry